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New MRF Solutions

CWS have specialized in the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of recycling equipment for over 35 years.

​Our dedicated team can handle any size job from an additional piece of equipment through to a full turn key MRF.

​CWS specialize in re-configuring existing MRF's to allow greater through-puts, combined with better sorting to maximize the revenue value of your product.

Our in-house team can design your next plant.

Our engineers specialize in installing MRF equipment in very tight spaces.

 In today's economic climate space is at a premium so installations are getting tighter and tighter.

​CWS has experience in fitting multiple layer systems into restricted space.  This allows for high throughput system to be fitted into small sites.

Once a plant is installed and running our engineers will work with the customer to dial in the plant and ensure that all of the staff are trained in the operation of the plant.

​Our engineers will also be on hand to ensure that the plant produces the highest quality outputs.